How’s the food? - Most of our campers say the food is great! Pizza, tacos, spaghetti, “cornflake chicken” (a camp favorite), sandwiches, wraps, salads and best of all, desserts, like ice cream and chocolate cake. We have 3 meals a day in the Dining Hall and everyone in camp eats together at one time. The food is served family style, and an intermediate or senior camper is the waitress for your table. Vegetarian options are available at meals.  We can also accommodate for food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Can I bring my cell phone? - Camp is a time to take a break from technology. Campers may not have or use cell phones, or devices with video and/or internet capability while at camp. That includes most iPods and eReaders. Letters are a great way to communicate with parents and friends while at camp, and parents have the option of sending emailed notes using CampStamps, and campers can respond by writing replies which are scanned in and automaticlly returned by email to parents/family. 

How about mail? - Mail goes out and is delivered every day except Sundays and the 4th of July. Our camp store sells stamps and writing supplies if you run out. A word about packages -- We ask you not to send any food, candy, or gum to the campers or their counselors. 

What’s Red / White? - One of the oldest, and most treasured traditions at Camp Oneka is Red-White competition. Every camper is a member of either the Red team or the White team. Once you become a member of a team, you are on that team for all the years you come to camp as a camper. Team spirit runs deep in the Oneka girl’s heart. Red-White competition is ongoing throughout the camp session and involves all kinds of sports – soccer, softball, swimming, boating, archery, and tennis to name a few. At the end of the summer, at Final Campfire, the team cup is awarded to the team that won the most events all summer. 

What should I bring to camp? - The trunk list comes out in early spring and will be sent to campers and it is available on the web site. One thing that is special about Oneka is that campers wear red shorts and white shirts to dinner each night, on Sundays, and for special events like Red-White competition, special campfires and celebrations.

Everybody brings their own bedding to camp and sleeps with their own sheets and blankets. Clothing is kept in a trunk by your bed. The cabins have storage space for extra towels and sheets, jackets and raingear, plus each camper gets a “cubbie” for extra items like flashlights, cameras, music players, or games.

What if I get sick at camp? - We have two nurses who live at camp and can help you out if you’re not feeling well. Our health center is called the Medi-Coop and is staffed 24 hours a day. It has bedrooms for sleeping if need be, and a first aid treatment room and bathroom. 

What about Homesickness? - First of all, it’s very normal to miss home, many campers miss home some time or have uncomfortable feelings when in a new place or having lots of new experiences. BUT -- It’s also normal to get over it, to feel better, and have fun at camp. Staying busy, and talking to friends and counselors are the best ways to feel better fast. We do not allow phone calls home when girls are feeling homesick. Calling home usually doesn’t help, and often makes things worse. Focusing on camp friends and activities is a much better plan for having a successful experience. 

What’s the weather like? - The average daytime temperature during the camp season is between 80 and 90 degrees. It gets cool at night (in the 50's). There is a wide variety of temperatures so you need to bring cool weather items like sweatshirts and flannel pants as well as shorts and tees.

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Jul 09, 2023
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Registration for family camp 2023 is open!  Space is limited and is first come, first served.

Wednesday, August 16th (after 2pm) to August 20th (at noon).

  • Adults (11 and up): $95 per night
  • Children (3-10): $75 per night
  • Children under 3: Free

Click this link to register!

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