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Where is Camp Oneka? - Camp Oneka is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, east of Scranton and near Lake Wallenpaupack. It is approximately 120 miles from New York City, 150 miles from Philadelphia, and about 250 miles from the Baltimore/Washington DC area.

Is the camp accredited by the ACA? - Camp Oneka is accredited by the American Camp Association. Accreditation requires visits and inspections by the ACA on a regular basis which assess our compliance with administration, safety, personnel, and program guidelines. Less than one fourth of the 10,000 camps in the country have passed these accreditation standards. We are also inspected and licensed annually by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for drinking water, and public bathing facilities.

Is there a religious affiliation? - No, Oneka is a camp with no religious affiliation. We do take a few minutes on Sunday morning for a “Sunday Service.” Each week a group of campers, Juniors, Ints, or Seniors, take a turn preparing a service, with the guidance of counselors, for the entire camp. The girls pick a theme such as friendship, respect, or saving the environment for the service. The service provides a few moments of thought and reflection during a busy, active week. Additionally girls have the option to attend Catholic mass on Saturday evening at a local church.

Where do your campers come from? - Most of our campers come from the Mid-Atlantic States; from Connecticut to the Baltimore-Washington area. We also have campers from around the United States, Mexico, China, and Europe.

What about health care? - Our health center, the “ Medi-Coop”, is staffed 24 hours a day with two registered nurses who live onsite. The Medi-Coop has private sleeping rooms in case of illness, a treatment room, and a private bath with shower.

All medication in camp is administered by our camp nurses. You may contact the nurses by phone at any time if you have a health question or concern. In case there is a need to see a doctor, campers may be taken to and treated at an Urgent Care facility located in Hawley, about 8 miles away. The Tafton Fire Company provides ambulance service. Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale is about 15 miles away.
Most of our staff are certified in American Red Cross CPR and First Aid and there is an AED in camp at all times.

What is Camp's policy regarding cell phones? - Cell phones, iPhones, iTouch devices, or any device with internet capability are not permitted in camp. Any camper bringing a cell phone or device to camp will leave it with the Directors and it will be returned at the end of their camp stay. 

What about laundry? - A laundry service picks up the campers laundry each week and returns it the following week. Laundry service is included in the camp tuition.

How does the Camp Store work? - Our camp store is open each evening after supper. Campers use a “store card” to charge their purchases each night. They can buy one food item (candy, soda, ice cream) per day and other items such as stamps, batteries, writing paper, cameras and camp gear. The store bill is paid when the campers are picked up at the end of their camp stay.

What if my child gets homesick? - Many parents are concerned that their daughter will be homesick while at camp. It’s very normal to miss home; almost everyone misses home some time or has uncomfortable feelings when in a new place. BUT -- It’s also normal to get over it, and to have a great time at camp. At camp we stress several things that the girls can do to reduce homesick feelings – stay busy, focus on having fun at camp, and talk to friends and counselors about how they feel. As parents you play a big role in preparing girls for camp. Let your daughter know that you believe she can do it! Do not make any deals, such as “just try it for a couple of days” or “if you don’t like it you can call us or come home “Those statements just set your camper up for failure. Please check with us if you have further questions or concerns about homesickness.

How competitive is Camp? - There is something for everyone at Camp Oneka and many of the activities we offer are non-competitive. Except for one tennis tournament, we do not compete with other camps in sports. Red White competition is an integral part of the camp culture and program, and we encourage all campers to play and participate. Our sports activities all include a skills teaching component and our goal is that all girls have a chance to learn new skills and increase their confidence in playing a variety of sports.

What is Red / White Team Competition? - One of Oneka’s most treasured traditions is Red White Team Competition. All girls become members of the Red or White team and compete with their age group and team in a variety of sports and competitions throughout their stay in camp. Girls are on the same team for all the years that they come to camp, and second generation campers are on the same team as their mothers and grandmothers. Team spirit and loyalty runs deep in an Oneka girl’s heart. At the core of the Red White tradition is the philosophy that competition remains on the field and in the lake and does not influence friendships and respect for each other the rest of the time at camp.

What is the camper to counselor ratio? - We typically have about 125 campers in camp and about 40 counselors, with additional administrative staff and nurses. The ratio is about 3 campers to each counselor. Each tent or cabin group has at least one counselor that lives with them and younger campers usually have 2 counselors of which one may be a junior counselor.

How do you assign campers to bunks/cabins? - Campers are assigned by grade in school and bunk/ tent requests. There are three cabin areas: Juniors – girls finishing 5th grade during the current school year and younger, Intermediates – girls finishing 6th and 7th grade during the current school year, and Seniors – girls finishing 8th, 9th and 10th grades. We aim to assign girls together who are in the same grade in school. We try to honor requests to be placed with friends, though we also try to mix “friends” with other campers to make new friends and meet new people.

How’s the food? - Most of our campers and counselors think the food is great! We serve 3 meals a day, with our “big meal” at lunch time. The entire camp eats together family style in the dining hall and older campers take turns waitressing the table. Our meals are a healthful mix of kid friendly foods with salads, fruit, and of course dessert!  There is a cookie snack in the afternoon after swimming, and a bedtime snack in the evening.  Vegetarian options are available at meals.  We can also accommodate for food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Does Oneka offer camperships? - A limited number of camperships are available through the campership fund, The Turtle’s Trail Foundation. For more information and an application, contact the foundation directly at their web site --

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Jul 09, 2023
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Registration for family camp 2023 is open!  Space is limited and is first come, first served.

Wednesday, August 16th (after 2pm) to August 20th (at noon).

  • Adults (11 and up): $95 per night
  • Children (3-10): $75 per night
  • Children under 3: Free

Click this link to register!

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